Anna Jenkins

Anna is a London based abstract painter who works predominately with acrylic on canvas. She studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, graduating in 2014. Since then she has pursued a career working alongside children with additional needs and, in doing so, discovered the unique and powerful benefits of using art therapeutically. Using art as a means to connect, communicate and process experiences inspired Anna to study a two- year Masters Degree in Art therapy, from which she graduated in 2022.

This change of approach to art making enabled Anna to rediscover her love of painting and shifted her focus from the outcome to the making process. It became a cathartic form of escapism to untangle thoughts and feelings.

Anna’s paintings are immersed within an embodied process, constantly being reworked and evolving over time.

Although the process starts the same, each piece is unique and speaks it’s own language. Anna enjoys playing with and developing a sense of ambiguity around each painting. There’s beauty in the freedom and expressive process which she uses to encourage conversation and the exchange of ideas through the triangular relationship of artist, artwork and viewer.

Through Anna’s playful exploration of rich colour and texture she toys with the accidental and the intentional, creating uniqueness in each composition. Recognising beauty at specific junctures, Anna captures moments amongst the fluidity of each piece, offering a moment of reflection, stillness and connection to the viewer which can often be lost in everyday life.

Anna’s work subtly explores themes of the overlooked, isolation and connection-feelings in which were heightened during lockdown and are often explored during her art therapy work with clients.

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