Jam Patel

'Watching me, Watching You' by artist Jam Patel

explores the concept of ‘awakening from the illusion of our separateness’ through a symbiotic process of watching and being watched. For Jam, the response to, and interaction with the images continues the circle, and so, the viewer becomes part of the gaze, as they are filmed whilst they are watching.

The artist seeks to shift our judgement from our gaze and any preconceived ideas of ‘beauty’ associated with the female form as represented throughout European art history. Through Patel’s lens, the figures are both empowered and liberated.

With a play on concealing and revealing, Patel comments on ideas surrounding voyeurism, maintaining both the subject’s personality whilst obscuring and protecting their identity. For Patel, this ‘hidden’ element emphasizes the form and shapes of the figures themselves, articulating themes of freedom and agency of one’s body.

The setting of these bold images in a vintage car showroom is also relevant to the ideas of consumerism of the female form within the male-dominated world of cars. But the narrative shifts at the hand of a female artist.

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