Mark Farid

Seeing I: The Lives of Hounslow

Mark Farid is an artist, researcher, speaker, practitioner and cultural critic, specialising in the intersection of the virtual and physical world, and the effect new technologies have on the individual and their sense of self. Farid’s work embodies hacker ethics - such as privacy policies, use of surveillance technologies, campaigning for data privacy and protection- and the critique of social, legal, and political models.

Seeing I: The Lives of Hounslow, explores the real-life lives of people within the local community, and issues that matter to them. Wearing a custom developed pair of sunglasses fitted with covert miniature camera lenses and microphones capable of recording a full 360° field of view, from first person point-of-view, for 24-continuous-hours, every aspect of Paul, Niina, and Q’s life are captured; from brushing their teeth, to their bike rides, to their work, social life, and children, to their most intimate moments. Their everyday actions become transformed into an act of sharing; nothing is edited out. Any editing takes the form of self-censorship - and performance - as they determine which aspects of their lives they wish to share with the audience. In a world where every moment of our lives are documented and made public, how do they adapt to being watched?

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