Mike Blow

Artist Mike Blow will be presenting a work called Colony. A visually arresting and aurally entrancing work that transforms the environment into an alien landscape through light and sound. These large, tactile, sonic sculptures allow the audience to experience the physicality of sound through listening, touching, and hugging.

Produced by Hogarth Productions. Co-commissioned by Hogarth Productions and Oxford Contemporary Music with funding from Arts Council England and Reading Borough Council.

Mike Blow is an academic and artist working in interactive installation and performance. Exhibitions include: Tate Modern, Barbican and Kinetica Art Fair in London, The Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford, Manchester City Gallery and UK art festivals as part of the touring show Audible Forces. Mike is active in the DIY electronic music scene and recently performed Handel's Messiah on his own homemade instruments as part of Max Reinhardt's Instant Orchestra.

Hogarth Productions presents multi-disciplinary contemporary art events and new in non-traditional spaces, with a focus on attracting and engaging new audiences. Our work ranges from commissions tailor made to specific locations or environments as well as touring projects. We are Artistic Directors of The Whitley Arts Festival – an annual contemporary arts festival in Reading which has been a commissioning festival since 2009.

Programme Notes: Seven blue pods, each containing a speaker and subwoofer, play a spatial composition which shifts slowly over time through six distinct phases. By turns musical, mysterious and threatening, the composition aims to engage the audience both spatially and by direct contact with the vibrating skin of the spheres - listening with the body, as well as with the ears. The piece finishes with a blast of white noise, completely surrounding the visitor in a sea of sound and signifying the pods saying farewell - until the next performance

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