Shantella Miller

Shantella is widely known as a multidisciplinary artist, model, and teacher from West London, England.

Her drawings are often based on everyday interactions in the world, and how those interactions are reflected in different areas of life.What she prominently observes is the connections between what is said in conversation, and how those ideas are relatable in the people of various cultures.Her work has slight humour throughout, allowing the viewer to face society not from a literal perspective, but rather from a light-hearted approach.

Shantellas' hope is to create artwork that will invoke more in-depth conversations and to further societal discourse on topics such as the environment, the female form and its subjection by the public gaze, mental health, and well-being, and life as a Jamaican woman growing up in London.

She believes art can be made without harming the environment, and that this practice can be done simply by the careful choice of materials used.

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