Shaz Ozkaya

Always been a creative soul, itching to get to my Art lessons in primary school and finding joy studying this vast subject, from painting styles to learning about many artists.

Artists who have influenced my work and my passion for art are Frida Kahlo, Franz Marc and many others. My biggest inspiration being my father who repaired oriental carpets, a master of his trade. He would fill a hole in a carpet to look exactly as it was hundreds of years ago. Mind blowing! I was always surrounded by culture, textures, colours and patterns. I guess my roots play a big part in this, coming from an Armenian background. My mother was born in Beirut, Lebanon and my father from Istanbul, Turkey but both of Armenian origin. A mix of cultures, what I love most, diversity. I work as a secretary in Richmond, however, my passion is to paint and make things, from Cactus pots to jewellery and digital art. In my little studio in Redlees Park, Isleworth is where the magic happens.

Thank you!

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