Tasleem Mulhall

Tasleem Mulhall is based in Redlees Studio where she showcases much of her work, from photography, oil paintings, and various sculptures from small clay models to giant metal statues.

She is also highly proficient in performance art and believes this is another liberating means for artists to express themselves. She is the first British Yemeni female artist to be exhibited abroad and in many different mediums.

Tasleem also works as a photojournalist and is a high profile campaigner against forced and child marriage.

Tasleem’s work is mainly paintings and sculpture and it often touches upon how women are depicted and treated in Arabic culture, which led her to her latest exhibit at London’s prestigious Mall Galleries fro Passion for Freedom, where her sculpture “Stoned” attracted much praise and attention. So much so, that the police even tried to ban it one stage, and she had to fight hard to get it shown. But the exhibition was a huge success and attracted record attendances for the gallery with long queues into the night and many visitors unable to get in.

Tasleems work is very powerful and is not afraid to highlight the plight of women in Arabic cultures whilst also showcasing them as sexual beings. Many may think that such subjects have no place in art but her work expresses the world as she has experienced it. For her it is the truth.

Tasleem’s art may be controversial but it has not stopped her being active within Yemeni organisations in Britain and with the ambassador’s office in London. While there are aspects of Yemeni culture that she objects to – such as much of the treatment of women – she is still proud of her heritage. She campaigns vigorously for Women’s rights and speaks passionately all over the world against injustices such as FGM, forced marriages and child marriage.

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