Consuelo Radclyffe

Childhood memories are my main inspiration. My figures are often described as dark, joyful and weird.

Carefully crafted identities which give my work depth, poignancy and glee. The sculptures are made from clay, wire, and clothes designed uniquely for them .My intent is not just to attract mere contemplation; the approach is deeper and more reflexive.Many of my ideas come from objects found in scrap yards, such as gratings, birdcages, metal boxes or any material that may trigger my memories or recall stories in the memory of others. To provide more expressiveness to my pieces,  human or animal figures, I add fabrics, papers, and bits of wire, or anything that supplements the composition, creating nuances of more instigating interpretation. The shapes that I created are far from being simple, hasty or manneristic. My work derives more from my spirit than the skill of my hands, and that is precisely why my work shows such a distinguished communicability. The stories that are told in each small installation,  and which often have as an initial clue the very title of the work and can be revealed by the expression, the stance, the mood of each image and, above all, by the interaction between the figures of the narratives assuming either devilish or angelical expressions, which are easily perceived. Also I make a series of  object, vases, animals, all nice things for the home.

Thank you!

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