Derek Pearce

Derek Pearce (DipAD Cert Ed) works mainly in Sculpture and Music, mostly in the great tradition of English Whimsical Humour. For many years he taught in the Theatre Department at what was then Wimbledon School of Art. He founded the comedy band ‘Roaring Jelly’ which made albums and toured for 15 years - and at the same time worked with John and Sue Fox of ‘Welfare State International’ doing site specific street theatre and community celebrations. Derek was also a founder member of ‘Scaramouch & Co Puppet Theatre’ which, for 15 yrs, worked art centre's, theatre's, children’s parties and beaches. As a composer and musical director Derek has worked in Theatre, on Radio, on several Channel 4 TV programs and also the BBC 2 drama ‘Marvellous’ which won 2 BAFTAS. Derek invented the concept of ‘Water Tables’. Glass tops supported by sleeping Hippos, Diving Ducks, Dolphins, Seals in rock pools - and also a Man in the Bath! ‘Water Tables’ have sold all over the world and been exhibited in Chicago, Las Vegas, LA, Tokyo, London, Glasgow and Birmingham. ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’- Einstein

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