Life has been a challenge. Parents split when I was young, it's all a blur, but I ended up living with my Dad from the age of about 15. Unfortunately, I got heavily involved with drugs.  Where we lived was rife with drugs and I found comfort in them. Around 15 years ago, I met my partner who gradually pulled me away from the harder drugs.

With the arrival of my son 11 years ago, I've engaged with organisations to help me with my addiction, but they have never worked for one reason or another. 6 years ago, our daughter came along but unfortunately with a whole lot of more complications.  She was born with a rare gene default. LUCKILY, IT’S NOT DRUG RELATED.

This time round I pushed myself even more, re-engaging with organisations and asking the council with help but was always hitting the same barriers. I even went to night school to study carpentry but still struggled. I think I was trying too hard to make other people happy. Around two year and a half ago, I accidentally stumbled across acrylic pouring with the help of Shooting Stars, a charity that helps me and my family, we managed to get a grant to build a small studio and this has allowed me to be more creative and I can honestly say it has completely changed our lives.


Thank you!

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