Sanjay Saxena

Greetings! I'm an amateur photographer, an avid art lover, and a dedicated IT professional. Juggling my passion for photography, my career in the IT industry, and being a parent to two wonderful children, alongside an inspiring wife, has made my life a vibrant tapestry of joy and fulfilment.

Photography has always been my beloved hobby. Through the lens, I capture the world's beauty and unique moments, immersing myself in the art of composition, lighting, and storytelling. It's a creative outlet that allows me to express myself and appreciate the wonders that surround us.

Beyond my artistic pursuits, I am deeply committed to the IT profession. Using technology as a tool, I enjoy solving problems and creating innovative solutions. The dynamic nature of the industry keeps me engaged and continuously learning, enabling me to adapt and embrace new advancements.

As a father, my children are my greatest source of inspiration. They remind me to cherish every moment and view the world with a sense of wonder. Alongside them, I have the privilege of sharing this incredible journey with my inspiring wife, whose support and love invigorate my pursuits. Together, we encourage each other to pursue our passions and create a nurturing environment for our family.

In addition to my roles as a photographer, IT professional, and parent, I find solace and inspiration in exploring art galleries, museums, and attending workshops. I firmly believe that exposure to various art forms nurtures my creativity and broadens my horizons.

In essence, I am an amateur photographer, an ardent art lover, and a devoted IT professional. Through photography, I capture life's precious moments, while my work in technology allows me to solve problems and embrace innovation. As a dad and a husband, I am continuously inspired by the love and support of my family. Life is an extraordinary adventure, and I am grateful for the diverse experiences that shape my journey.

Thank you!

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