80 High Street

This Building has a rich history. The Clarke Family lived here, from 18th century when the house was built, until late into 19th century. Early in the 19th century John Clarke and his son Samuel were in the important trade of coal and lime dealing.

By 1888 number 80 High Street had become the home of the Underwoods and was called Brentford House. The Underwoods were an early importer of Hay and Straw. The company employed 300 people and maintained a stable of 100 horses. The Underwoods also traded in lime, coal and coke.

Underwoods Hay & Straw Warehouse, built in 1881 behind number 80, was a handsome red brick warehouse with three gables. It was demolished in 2011.

It was recently the European HQ for the former World Trade Centre.

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